• What’s the best way to transport or carry my knives to the B’Ladies?
    It’s always best to play it safe when handling knives, whether they are sharp or dull.  If you don’t have a proper tote or knife roll, simply lay out a towel or an apron and place your knives on the open towel and slowly roll them into a bundle with the towel acting as the sheath.  Make sure to create fold overs on both ends of the towel (so the knives don’t slip out) and secure these folds with rubber bands.

B’Ladies will supply you with blade covers for each knife sharpening and these are yours to keep and re-use for safe transport to the market and back to your kitchen.

B’Ladies can supply you with a heavy-duty, zippered canvas tote for ease of transport to and from the market.  Also, these totes make for a convenient way to take your knives with you. For example, if you often travel to family events, or vacation VRBO & AirBNB’s or anyplace where you’ll be cooking and know that the knives at your destination are always dull and never quite as familiar as your own. Play it safe and keep sharp.

What Types of Knives does B’Ladies sharpen?
B’Ladies specializes in straight edge kitchen knives and other professional and hobby cutlery such as: All Chef’s style, Carving, Paring, Boning, Fillet, Clevers, Hunting, Pocket and Specialty knives.

We are often asked about serrated knives. We are able to sharpen the points of macro-serrated knives (bread knives), and you will see a dramatic improvement in cutting, but the channel will not be retouched. As for micro-serrated knives (steak knives), these can be sharpened, but over time the serration will be ground away to become straight edge.

For Kitchen style knives, we have expertise with major Western Brands such as Wusthof, Victorinox, Henckels and also sharpen Japanese style knives such as Shun and Santoku style as well as other brands.

Does B’Ladies Sharpen Scissors?
Yes, we are able to sharpen kitchen, household, utility, textile and hobbyist scissors. We do not sharpen barber/stylist scissors.

Does B’Ladies sharpen ceramic knives?
No. Our equipment is specialized for steel blade knives.  It is best to send ceramic knives back to the manufacturer for servicing.

My knives are pretty dull and I’m embrassed by their condition. Does this matter?
The B’Ladies are here to help! We want you to have great experiences in the kitchen, and happy knives are part of that recipe. We are judgement free and look forward to sharpening knives of any condition.

How often should I sharpen my knives?
This is a question we hear quite a bit.  The answer, however isn’t so straight forward. Knife usage is what drives the frequency of sharpening. So, the answer regarding how often truly does depend on the user. As a rule of thumb, we like to think seasonally. Meaning, that for those special seasonal activities where a sharp knife is “a must” you might as well have them all touched up. For example:

Spring & Summer: fruit & vegetables, fishing season = Paring, fillet and diving knives
Fall: apples, root vegetables and gourds = Chef’s knives, everyday blades
Winter: Thanksgiving and Holiday season = Chef’s, carving and bread knives

So, you’re saying I should sharpen my knives up to four (4) times a year?
Again, it depends on level of use. Knives are tools, and everyone uses these tools differently – and under varying workloads and circumstances. Some folks use their knives everyday for every meal & preparation. Others knives may not experience as much use, however blades can be dropped, dragged haphazardly or used aggressively on cutting boards or work surfaces. Some even use their kitchen knives to open letters or cardboard boxes. These are all things that can impact the integrity of the blade, and result in the need for service.

We recommend a minimum of two times a year. A sharp knife is an easier and safer tool to use.